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Finding my passion in the words, and the perfect recipes. An adventurer of deep thoughts, quiet space and nature trails.

A search for….Honesty and Adventure~

Messy hair is a prerequisite to having fun. Selfie.

That wedding ring is no longer on that left ring finger. It came off in July 2020. You could say it was a covid divorce, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. It was just a coincidence. About Me will have to tell the truth, right? I’ve been married three times and still, I’m looking forward to meeting a new ‘friend’.

But that’s just a small part of the Big Story that is about ME.

I’m a Lioness, born in the heat of summer and crave my daily dose of warm sun on my body…

Inside and out, I sloughed off my angst, anger, anxiety. Many showers later…..

Photo by Robert Collins from Unsplash

I wanted to write an essay about LOVE. Been thinking on it for weeks, days, hours. Little sticky notes on my computer to remind me. All day yesterday as I sidetracked myself with assorted meanderings about the house; work out, bird watching, breakfast, news reading, journaling, cooking a piece of ahi for lunch, I thought about what I wanted to share.

About LOVE.

Then there was the shower, hair washing and pretending I didn’t mind my phone date for last evening with a new guy, got cancelled…

A long, tough road, but I’ve made it.

Giving out some lovin’ to Daisy and Woody. Author photos.

Dogs! They’re everywhere! And here in Reno, NV more than where I’ve lived previously. Seems everybody has a D O G.

I can’t explain to you or myself, why I had the cold pricklies towards most dogs that have ever come close to me for as long as I can recall. Somewhere back there, I became afraid (and irritated)of being approached by dogs, especially the larger ones. Pit bulls, forget about it. Seriously. NO.

Don’t get too close, don’t sniff me, don’t jump on me, don’t be off leash, don’t bark, don’t…

My New On Line Search for an “Adventure Man”

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

I don’t know how else to say it. Back to being available for dating. UGH! Double UGH! And yet, kind of…exciting. Not as exciting as it might have been if I was 25 years younger. I’m checking out photos of available “adventure men” in my requested age range…60–72 and I keep saying out loud, “Do I look that old?”

My reply: perhaps I do. So I look over guys aged 52–59 and say, “Too young!”

It’s not easy to see “65” posted next to my selfie. I like this photo I…

Mirrors don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth either!

My legs getting cozy. Author photo.

My mother was always so proud of her shapely legs. If there was one thing all of my siblings would agree about, one thing Mom liked about her appearance, was her legs. And she showed them off throughout her 85 years.

I recall this truth, when I consider how much I still love my legs. My 65-year-young legs. It helps that I’m 5'9". The longest and leanest part of me are those two limbs that keep me moving forward.

They get a daily workout walking on the nearby dirt…

Get up there with the clouds…..

Heading home to Reno.

I’ve been practicing staying grounded in this first year of ….of…..for lack of a more interesting and fun word….retirement. I’m really NOT re-tired or tired in the first place. After 40 years working the optical retail trade, covid happened, which affected work hours, divorce #3 happened, and I happened to decide I needed to move north to live near my fun sister. It all happened very quickly.

If I could have controlled all that was happening last year, I would have kept my job I loved, stayed in the neighborhood I loved and #3…

Sharing walls requires Herculean temperance.


Staying at home this past year and now, with so many employees permanently working from home, neighbor noises can be a 24 hour thing. If you share walls.

Evenings and weekends were for neighbor noises when we used to drive away from home each morning and go to work out there. Now, most of us are making all our 24 hour noises at home.

Eight months ago, after selling my home, retiring from retail life, and relocating, I’m sharing my condo’s very thin walls with downstairs neighbors and neighbors on each side. Built in 1978…

My advice…..Avoid a third divorce if at all possible.

Here I go…..again.

I swore up and down it would be my last marriage.

I promised often; I’d never leave him, this was it, it’s too damn hard to go through a divorce; it’s always financially and emotionally devastating, we’ll figure things out, I love you, you love me, we’re mature, our third marriage each, we know what’s required.

Honesty, caring, communication, sharing, love and hard work. …

Getting used to seasons in Reno.

Me venturing outdoors in April.

Okay, so I made it through my first real-deal winter since 1963. Back then in ‘63, I was 8 years old and living in Missouri. In 1964, my parents moved us 12 siblings to sunny, beachy, tanned, surfin’ safari southern California. We left humidity, bugs and snowdrifts behind. It was all bikinis, shorts and flip flops. Such a beautiful life, so few clothes needed.

Fast forward to September 2020 and I’ve moved to Reno, NV. (There’s a whole lot of story telling to those 56 years and why I’m here but we’ll stay focused…

Mind over Brain

The moment I awake each day, my brain gets the first word in before my mind does. It never rests and always wants to race to be first. What’s the difference you ask, between a brain and a mind? The brain is what takes in every thought, good and bad, every pos and neg, holds on to all your crazy dreams, and has no filter what-so-ever. It’s a vast, immeasurable space of info that can’t judge what should be shredded and trashed and what should be saved and framed. It tends to judge harshly before all the evidence is examined…

Colleen Hannegan

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